Are you a horse enthusiast looking to learn more about horsemanship and riding?
Are you a horse professional striving to develop your knowledge, skills and horsemanship?

Learning about horses and riding is a never-ending cycle of development. You can learn a new thing from every horse you see. Each horse is a different individual that you can learn from when you give it your presence, attention, feel and sensory awareness. Continuing education will give you more possibilities, flexibility and will make you less valnerable to make mistakes. When you love, learn, practice, serve horses, train and lead horses without causing them pain, harm, fear and stress you will become their master and they will be motivated to follow your guidance. 

Learning, practicing and building your good attitude will help you build the good habits to achieve the mastery you are aiming for as a sport professional. Balancing your body, mind and spirituality is essential to develop your horsemanship and riding. Practice the correct technique until you can`t get it wrong. "Only perfect practice makes perfect".

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Those links will help you understand the basics about horsemanship and riding:  

Equigarde Course, horse management by Bern University and the Haras National Suisse.

Jumping , National Horse Center Bern, Courses in German
Ethology School, Andreas Kurtz
Horse Specialist Federal Certificate
Professions related to Horses Association, Courses in French and German.
Primaryito, New Zealand, where you can learn breeding and racing careers. 

Swiss scientific research on horses

Swiss researchers decode horse communication
Segregation of information about emotional arousal and valence in horse whinnies & Supplementary information


Grow to Ride Great by Luciana Diniz
Equipedia of Haras Nationaux Francais (in French)
Encyclopedia of the Swiss Association of the Professions Related to Horses 
Information of Breeders in Switzerland

E-Campus (online learning) Swiss Equestrian Federation (in French)
Swiss Federation Courses (in French)
Parelli Natural Horsemanship method. Click here to find Parelli Intructors 
Parelli in Switzerland go to and
WarwickSchiller work method
The Monty Roberts method
Monty Roberts University
Horses Inside Out 
Horse Communication
Anatomia (in Italian)
Australian Equine Behavior Center
Flat Work Training for Showjumping 
Peter Charles 
George Morris Clinic 2015
Pessoa Training System
Michel Robert 1
Michel Robert 2
Michel Robert Horse Academy 
Tim Stockdale Showjumping Lessons
Steve Guerdat Training in German
Marcus Ehning Videos
Ludger Beerbaum Training in German 
Michael Whitaker at Home
Top Riders Training and Jumping
Showjumper Clinic
Online Horse College

More general knowledge

Markets and finance  (financial games)        (business model canvas)             (project, personal, and team management)

Learn languages

Academic papers online

Online presentations and slides

Bibliography and Citation

Japanese origami

Feng Shui, energy and bagua maps

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