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Swiss Equine Laws are internationally considered among the most advanced legislation for protecting horses rights and well being. The equestrian sports legislation in Switzerland is recognised a horse heaven. How those laws are actually applied by horse riders, owners, breeders, riding schools, clubs, teams, horse associations, sport federations and FEI is another issue. There is room for improvement in our view specially when it comes to horse wellbeing and spaces available for horses and horse riding.

AHC mission is to raise awareness about horse rights and wellbeing among the above stakeholders.

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Horse law links:

Frequently Asked Legal Questions in Switzerland (in Fr)

Frequently asked question related to sport horses registration in Switzerland.

Animal Commerce (Canton Bern)

Showjumping Rules:

For information on Swiss Animal Protection Laws:

Animals for Kids

Animal Rights videos

Swiss Animal Protection Laws (Portal)

Swiss Equine Regulations and Laws (Official Website of the Government in Fr)

Federal Office for Feeding and Veterinary Security Legislation
and related legislation

Regulation of registration in the Swiss Sport Horse Register (Equestrian Federation)

The statutes, the breeding program and regulation "in Fr" (Swiss Sport Horse Breeders Federation)

Swiss Animal Protection Laws (article)

Franches-Montagnes Swiss Horse Regulations and Directives

Swiss Horse Customs Regulations

Horse Management, Swiss legal guidelines (article)

Swiss Horse Tracing and Micro-Chip Law

Groupement Hippique National Francais

European Breeding Legislation

International Legal Resource (Animal Legal and Historical Center)

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