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EquiJuri: Used Supplies & Varied Services: We provide our clients with shipping services through our shippers' network worldwide for the following supplies: Horses and Accessori...

EquiJuri: New Horses for Sale

EquiJuri: New Horses for Sale: Quality show jumpers for sale in German, held and trained by Herr. Schleithoff, Equijuri's dealers' network in Germany. 4 years G...

EquiJuri: Same course jump off won by legendary L. Beerbaum,...

EquiJuri: Same course jump off won by legendary L. Beerbaum,...

Same course jump off won by legendary L. Beerbaum, brilliant!

EquiJuri: Egyptian M Talaat and Connaught Course nicely done...

Egyptian M Talaat and Connaught Course nicely done, enjoy!

EquiJuri: Egyptian El Zoghby Jump Off

EquiJuri: Egyptian El Zoghby Jump Off

Egyptian El Zoghby Jump Off

EquiJuri: Nice clear round by Egyptian El Zoghby and Emilia!...

EquiJuri: Egyptian Sakakiny Competing for Italy in the Same ...

Egyptian Sakakiny Competing for Italy in the Same Course posted for El Zoghby!

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EquiJuri Launches a Facebook Page

EquiJuri launches Facebook Page, please come have a look, and hope you like it.
Love the horses and enjoy your ride :-)

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Aachen Final Individual Results

Jumping - Aix-la-Chapelle 2015 - Finale individuelle-Jumping - Aix-la-Chapelle 2015 - Finale individuelle - 1ère manche - Equidia Life

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CE Bronze for Swiss showjumping riders! Very well done and congratulations !!!!!!

CE Bronze for Swiss  showjumping riders!

August 21, 2015 8:18 p.m.

Swiss riders jump win so unexpected bronze EC of the team event. Gold returned to the Netherlands and Germany won silver. And with this performance, the Swiss team won its ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Swiss team of Romain Duguet with Quorida of Treho, Martin Fuchs with Clooney III, Janika Sprunger of Good Luck with CW and Paul Estermann with Castlefield Eclipse have all done  excellent competitions. Duguet Estermann and remained flawless on this demanding course, Janika Sprunger has 4 points and 9 Martin Fuchs, knowing that its result was crossed out.

In addition to the unexpected bronze medal, the Swiss team had already secured his ticket to the Olympics earlier in the competition. Switzerland will be part of the next summer Olympic Games to Rio with jumping discipline.

The team leader Andy Kistler for Switzerland said: "This is just amazing! Two days ago, we were still trembling, wondering if we will participate in the team final and now we have not only our ticket to Rio, but also the European bronze! "

As for the rest of the program for the discipline showjumping at the European Championships in Aachen, it will be the individual final which will begin Sunday at 16:00.

Well done Schwiiiizz well done and congratulations
For further information:
Andy Kistler, Head of Elite jumping team, Tel. +41 79 601 60 35, email:

Equidia Life Aachen showjumping broadcasting today again at 22h48

  • Stay tuned Equidia life is broadcasting today  at 22h48
After a very competitive speed class of the first day of the European Championship for Showjumping FEI  qualifying to  Rio Olympics in Brasil 2016.

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