Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Anti-doping for you

Do you know what is horse doping?
Are you taking the right measure to avoid doping?

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Friday, July 21, 2017

#Horse_Rule No. 10 Eat Fruits and Vegetables

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#Horse_Rule No. 10: Eat Fruits and Vegetables. Horses eat grass, carrots and drink lots of water several times a day. The result is that about 80% of their bodies are muscles, they look beautiful, elegant and athletic. You can learn this healthy eating habit from horses. Modern nutrition science recommends us to avoid meat, dairy products, sugar, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colored soda drinks and processed, junk and fast food. It is a natural and easy way to lose weight, feel better, get more energy, reduce the risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. The fact is that we eat much more than we really need, so most of our body energy is wasted trying to digest loads of junk that we eat leaving very little energy to our immune systems to cure our diseases. If horses can live on it, you can live on it! 

I have personally started this diet for four days now.  I never thought that it is true, or that I can ever stop eating meat or drink milk, I just love it and never felt full or fulfilled without both of it.  I feel more energetic, no stomach unrest, light and lost 500 grams already. Don`t you think it is great? all it takes is two weeks for your system and cologne to detox using this method. You can eat as many times as you want when you feel hungry until you feel reasonably fulfilled.  If you see what happens to those industrial production animals, and the number of drugs, antibiotics, and hormones they take, and how they suffer, you will stop right away. Set your intention, control your emotions and join this two-week challenge. 

Three easy questions to know if what you eat is healthy:
Can I eat it raw or slightly steamed?
Can I eat an entire meal of it?
Can I feed it to a three years old baby?
If the answer is No to those questions, it is not healthy, get yourself together and don`t eat it!

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Still not convinced, watch this video, and please don`t feel it is too long, your health and money are worth every minute of it. What shocked me the most in this video is the fact that the companies who sell those unhealthy products are the same ones who sponsor the associations who suppose to help us cure the diseases that result from consuming it. It is simply as if cigarettes producers are the sponsors of the association that promote smoking prevention and curing cancer resulting from smoking. What the Health?! is a movie worth watching!

M. Shahin 
Biel, 21.07.2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nine rules you can learn from horses

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Nine rules you can learn from horses for your personal and professional development. Horse survival instincts and habits have stood the test of time. Those skills have helped horses to adapt to the environment and survive predators threats.

I am sure we can learn much more from each and every horse, but here are nine rules to name a few:

#Horse_Rule No. 1: Set your goal. The best horse in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

#Horse_Rule No. 2: Connect. A horse is like a human, they both share being social animals who need to connect with their tribes. Connection with nature and animals has benefits for your mind, body, and soul. Connect to the world!

#Horse_Rule No. 3: Energy is real. Science confirms animals can absorb our energy to heal, charging yourselves with positive energy may heal your horse problems. Heal your soul!

#Horse_Rule No. 4: Meditate. Horses rest while standing during the day. Take a few minutes a day to close your eyes, stop thinking and just enjoy being and breathing. Chillax!

#Horse_Rule No 5: Walk your talk. Horses can trot or gallop but in nature, they prefer to walk. You can survive by walking along at the speed of your own engine. Remember, gentlemen walk and never run!

#Horse_Rule No 6: keep going. Horses have survival instinct of flight, they run rather than stop when they fear something. Do not let fear stop you from moving ahead!

#Horse_Rule No. 7: Read the body language. Horses may not be able to read our words but they can read our body language. Words only express a small part of what we want to say, the rest is body language. Eyes are the window to the soul. See through!

#Horse_Rule No. 8: Listen carefully. Horses not just hear, they listen and block noise by 180-degree ear rotation, using 10 different muscles (compared to three muscles for the human ear). You don't need to shout to be heard. You have two ears and one mouth to listen double the time you talk!

#Horse_Rule No. 9 Use the floor to sit and sleep. Horses in nature don't sit on chairs or sleep in beds, which is the main cause for humans' back and bone problems. Stay grounded!

Can you apply some of those rules in your personal or professional life?
Are there other rules do you think we can learn from horses?
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M Shahin

Biel, 19.07.2017