Social Responsibility

Under its social responsibility program, AHC offers projects for the most disadvantaged in different communities. Projects are dedicated to people with special needs. AHM further design specific projects to assist in rehabilitating horses with physical and mental challenges.

AHC undertakes such community development activities through fund raising from local and international donors, private and public charities.

AHC aspires that such endeavors contribute towards the national efforts undertaken by the Swiss and international horse associations to integrate the less fortunate into the society at large.

By practicing riding skills in challenging horse activities, participants are inspired to engage in life changing opportunities, have a more pleasant place to belong and truly integrate.

Contact us to help you with writing fund-raising proposals, compliance, governance, tax, accounting and horse related technical questions.

Therapy and rehabilitation websites:

Philips Medical Systems
Beckman Coulter
Portable Radiology Equipment & X-Ray
Imaging Systems and digital equipment 
Equine Mobile Diagnostic Unit (UK)  & YouTube Video
Equine Dentistry
Hippotherapie-Zentrum, Basel, Switzerland.
Foundation for the Horse, (Fondation Pour Le Cheval, in French), Bern, Switzerland.
Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine, Avenches, Switzerland.
Association of Swiss Vets, Bern, Switzerland.
Horse Side Vet Guide, Equine Health Resource
Equinella, announcement and detection for equine infectious diseases, Bern, Switzerland.
Horse Physiotherapy, Switzerland.
Equine Rehabilitation, Switzerland.
Animal Holistic Wellness Guide, Switzerland.
Equine Therapy.
Equine Massage Therapy for horses and riders.
Game Ready Equine 

International Donation Opportunities:

Horse Therapy Organization

Jump for a Just World, for donations in Switzerland, click here.
Swiss Laboratories 

Donation Opportunities in Switzerland:

To donate to Animal Protection and Welfare in Switzerland, please use the following bank account details, for more information, please visit their official website:

To donate to Hippotherapie-Zentrum Basel, please use the following bank transfer details, for more information please visit their website directly:

To donate to the Ebony Horse Club project in London, please click here.

Just Say Neigh to Premarine Campaign to end horse slaughter in North America.

Humanity for Horses, save an animal save an angel in CA, help a horse by becoming a sponsor.

To help Quest Equine Welfare:

For Equine Medications information please visit: Swiss Medic 

Medication for Veterinary use: Swiss Medic 

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