Friday, November 17, 2017

Swiss Tourists Saved A Donkey In Egypt And Fly It To Switzerland

Swiss Tourists Saved A Donkey In Egypt And  Fly It To Switzerland

A group of Swiss tourists spending their holidays in Egypt, decided to fly back to Switzerland bringing an abused donkey from the streets of Egypt. 
The tourists saw the abusive treatment of the donkey so they offered him medical treatment to the donkey and offered to take it back with them to Switzerland.
The owner of the donkey refused to sell it to the tourists. However, when the group reported the case to the tourism police, the donkey owner was taken to the police station then agreed to sell his donkey in return for 800 Euros, according to Egyptian media.

It came to our knowledge that a law firm in Egypt, who some of its lawyers are members in our group E-Corporate Lawyers ("ECL"), has been retained to take legal action against the abuser. Our group's representatives in Egypt in association with MSLS and EquiJuri in Switzerland will follow up on this matter to make sure justice is served and that whoever responsible of this abuse is held accountable including any governmental officials and public authority. 
The donkey was then taken to a hospital to receive treatment and to finalize its traveling papers to Switzerland. 
Stray animals in Egypt, specially equine face very harsh treatment and conditions. We hereby urge Egyptian authorities and the civil society in Egypt to raise awareness on animal rights and wellbeing and further pass necessary legislation to protect equine wellbeing and punish all those who abuses equines or other animals. 
We encourage readers to whistleblow about any animal abuse in order to take the necessary action to protect animal rights and raise public awareness on equine wellbeing.

M. Shahin
Equine Jurist
Biel/Bienne, Switzerland 17.11.2017

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