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    EquiJuri provides art related legal services, including buying, selling, importing, exporting of art peaces, jewelry, Swiss watches and antiques. We legally represent both buyers and sellers in international transactions. We further provide copyright services and artists' agency legal assistance. 

    Through EquiJuri Social Responsibility Equine Art Programs, our team organizes fund raising events including workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, horse shows & showjumping competitions, concerts and other volunteering activities to raise equine & animal rights awareness and culturally develop the disadvantaged communities in the regions where we operate. 

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    Resources for equine related artwork and websites:

    • Short Films:
     If Horses Were People (episode one), (episode two), (episode three), (episode four)
    (episode five), (episode six), (episode seven) and (episode eight)

    • Painting:
    Hans Erni "L'art enrichit notre vie"
    "Le laps de temps imparti a chacun est limite, qu'on le veuille ou non; je voudrais que l'on puise dire de moi: il a fait ce qu'il devait, sa vie durant" Hans Erni 1909-2015

    Tripyque de Chevaux
    On glass special dimensions: 112x56 cm

    For more information and prices please click here

    Ernesto Garcia Peña, Arte Morfosis

    Ernesto Garcia Peña, Cuba. Displayed at Arte Morfosis, Switzerland

    Tony O'Connor, Hindsight, Oil on Canvas

    Tony O'Connor, White Tree Studio, Ireland

    Kerstin Tschech, Horses Abstract, various prints

    Kerstin Tschech, Equine Art, Germany

    • Sculpture:

    Yearlings. Fortune Filly and Devon Lad. Unique, driftwood

    Heather Jansch Sculptor Bronze and Driftwood Horse artist

    Emergence, Sayaka Ganz, reclaimed plastic

    Sayaka Ganz Depicts animals in motion using reclaimed plastic objects as materials 

    • Art Exhibitions:
    The Rearing Horse With Rider, Body Worlds Pulse (Gunther Von Hagens/Body Worlds)

    Body Worlds Exhibition by Gunther von Hagens ("Rearing Horse With Rider," a plastinatedsteed created by Dr. Gunther von Hagens for his BODY WORLDS exhibit.)

    A NYC art gallery displayed 12 live horses for four days

    Live Horse Exhibit at NYC Art Gallery Triggers Backlash and Protests (Video)

    The Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery by Roberto Dutesco

    The Conversation, Michelle McCullagh

    Society of Equestrian Artists
    Racing Arabs, Hereford Lisa Miller ASEA Oil on board

    Deviant Art (horses)

    • Articles:
    Prehistoric Cave Paintings of Horses Were Spot-On, Say Scientists, Popular Archaeology, 2011

    Stubbs, George. The Anatomy of the Horse, 2009

    The Anatomy of the Horse, George Stubbs, Diffusion eBooks, 2009

    • Horse Photography
    For horse photographs including digital, posters, canvas, roll up displays and stickers, please click here.

    • Horse Videos
    StudioBrink, where you can record, watch and download all your videos in their video center, please click here to visit their website.

    • Swiss Watches, Jewelry & Antiques:
    Swiss Watches headquartered in Biel/Bienne:  
    Antique and Vintage Horses

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    • Swiss Providers of  Sound & Light for  Events:

    Lights Technicians 
    Sound and Music Events Organizers
    • EquiMusic:
    Radio Stations of the World.
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